In November 2011, Injury Prevention published the results of a study in an article titled: “Beyond the fireground: injuries in the fire service”. The article analyzed 902 fireground & non-fireground injuries that occurred in 2004 through 2009. Here are some of the findings:

*Reprinted with permission: Poplin GS, Harris RB, Pollack KM – Injury Prevention 2012;18:228-233. doi:10.1136/injuryprev-2011-040149

89percent-piechartOf the 902 injuries, 810 were
non-fireground related.

46percent-chart-patient-transportPatient-transport caused the most number
of lost-time non-fireground injuries.


Patient-transport was the second leading
cause of non-fireground injuries.


The median number of lost days
due to all types of injuries was six.

In June, 2009, open records from fire departments across the nation revealed stunning data related to the number of injuries that occured when moving patients. The data was limited to claims from the previous 30 months.


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